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to two other women at the fair oaks mall. it also happened at tysons corner. a former fbi agent thinks the serial slasher suffers from a disorder. shoppers are being more vigilant. >> the whole thing is very strange. if this guy is walking around with a box cutter. who knows? >> that is what makes me nervous. >> i do not want him to do this to any other girls. it was dramatic. -- it was traumatic. >> police say they are no closer to making an arrest. a family is in shock after a car carrying three teenagers crashes into a tree. one teenager is now dead and the driver is left to mourn the loss of for best friend. the accident happened last
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night. there were racing home to meet their curfew. >> jacqueline shayuth was a star athlete at her high school. she had big dreams to go off to a big college. last night, those dreams came to a halt. >> she was the most beautiful -- >> is before midnight, her parents say she was riding with her best friend, lexie harbord. they were coming from her boyfriend's house driving around a sharp turn. they crashed into a tree. >> she loved life. she loved everybody. >> neighbors say she ran out of the car screaming. a 75-year-old woman came to her aid. she kept crying that she had killed her best friend.
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>> just pray to god for help. she said, i never believed in god. would you please pray for me? >> together, they dropped to their knees on the front lawn. all night she grieved on her twitter page. please come back, i miss you. i will never forgive myself. later -- shortly before she passed, she talked about her best friend on her own page. this afternoon, family members choked back tears to share how they would like jacqueline shayuth to be remembered. >> police say this had nothing
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to do with drugs or alcohol. it was really dark and returned here are extremely sharp. there is a candlelight vigil tonight. the extreme heat has returned. a heat advisory has been issued and advance of triple digits tomorrow. bob ryan is standing by. >> it has been our hottest month of all time. tomorrow and other heat advisory. that goes into effect tomorrow during the daytime because the heat indices will be close to 110 degrees. as a matter of fact, even with the clouds that we have had the heat index is 100 degrees. to our south it has been well over 100. there have been some showers. there is a severe thunderstorm watch.
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a few scattered showers across northeastern maryland. those will be staying to our north. for tomorrow, we'll look -- we will wake up in the morning with a temperature of about 80 degrees. during the afternoon, it will feel like it is 105. if we get to 100, we will establish another record high temperature. what a month we have had. august is almost here. a u.s. soldier is in police custody accused of plotting an attack on fort hood. weapons were found and this 21- year-old's apartment. he added that he was planning an attack. we are live in the newsroom. >> the man arrested is a muslim soldier by the name of naser abdo. wednesday night authorities
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arrested this first-class private. they found a number of items that could make explosives or aid in an intact. the local gun shop owner was the first to raise a red flag. he purchased the gun powder and ammo and a magazine. >> it is a good question. i can tell you that we would be here today giving a different briefing had he not been stopped. >> he was the same soldier who last year refused to apply because of his muslim faith. then he went awol from fort campbell. fort hood is where 14 people lost their lives in a mass shooting in 2009. coming up at 6:00, big developments. meet the gun store owner that raise the red flag.
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we are following new developments as the dead showdown it reaches and other crucial point. -- as the deck showdown reaches another crucial point. it raises the debt limit through next year. you can afford to lose only 23 house republicans. >> i cannot -- i am committed to not raising the debt ceiling. >> i never said it was perfect. nobody in my caucus believes that it is perfect. what this bill reflects is a sincere, honest effort to end this crisis. >> democrats that a rival bill by harry reid. that plan would raise the debt limit through 2013. we will have more on both plans coming up at 6:00. one person died in an
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accident in montgomery county this morning. the crash happened just after 7:00. police say an suv crossed the center line and collided with a landscaping truck. that person's name has not been released. new details about the police officer accused of attempted murder. this is not the first time the officer has faced serious accusations. broad belt is live from the prince george's county courthouse to explain. >> in his 3.5-career -- 3.5-year career he has been named as a defendant a three times. he says he was not surprised. >> this guy is a bad apple. >> in 2008, he was arrested at this gas station for drunk and
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disorderly conduct. he said he was put in handcuffs and the front passenger seat. he admits that he mouth off. he pulled out his gun and smashed him in the face. >> he reaches out. >> a required surgery to repair fractures. he sued for excessive force and won $100,000. his lawyer also recognized him on television. in his case, he tasered a woman who tried to prevent the illegal telling in front of her home. >> it is a horrible thing to go through. >> he stands accused of shooting a 20-year-old man who was allegedly trying to take his truck to get away from its unwanted sexual advances. after his arrest, his chief described him as a model cop. in his three-year career, he has
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been named rookie of the year and twice officer of the year. >> i just do not get it. >> kiev had -- he has had to lawsuits. -- two losses. they should have probably considered termination. >> he is suspended without pay. he is also behind bars. yesterday, a judge ordered that he be kept locked up until his trial. the hotel made to accuse the former imf chief is -- of assaults is thinking her supporters. she leveled the charges at dominique strauss-kahn two months ago. prosecutors say they doubt her credibility. her lawyers spent nearly eight hours meeting with prosecutors
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yesterday. >> that is why i have to be here. let people note that a lot of things they say about me is not true. >> he has been charged with attempted rape and other crimes. coming up, the odor of a gas draws police to a prince george's county apartment. >> why is britain banning this makeup add? >> and other big a redskins fan. >> we need to put down a lot of things. hot dogs would be one of them. >> a medical debate is on over whether hot dogs or cigarettes or worse for your help. -- health.
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which is worse for you? hot dogs or cigarettes? >> it is a debate sparked by a group of doctors. they say you might want to rethink your milk choice at the next baseball game. >> when it boils down to hot
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dogs and cigarettes, neither one is better. a hot dog and day habit, a smoking habit is all the same when it comes to harming your health. the hot dog, line them up, they almost a bad to be smothered in chilly. >> -- chili. >> it is so good. >> what is the love affair of hot dogs? a group of doctors warn that even the processed meat is the risky -- is as risky as smoking a cigarette. >> there is no safe amount to consume. >> she points to data from the american cancer institute. it increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 21%.
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she says the d.c. area has the highest rated gas and collector of cancer in the country. is that enough to get our folks to put down the dogs? >> the hot dog is not going to go anywhere. >> maybe i will just take the risk. >> morning the popular dogs can wreck your life. >> that particular venue sells over of 1 million hot dogs in the off-season. >> i am not going to stop. >> we have a lot of questions about this. it does not matter if the hot dogs are made from chicken turkey, or beef. the risk is with all processed meat. others out there disagree, saying that hot dogs and processed meat is not harmful if eaten in moderation. the trip to the u.s. -- the
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researchers in the united kingdom said the amount of weight you gain on vacation depends on where you go. on their output is the worst destination for packing on the pounds -- america is the worst destination for packing on the pounds. the second status: the auction the caribbean. >> familiar faces at the center of the latest controversy over airbrushing great britain is banning to advertisements that feature julia roberts. the maker of giant has digitally enhanced the photos in the ad to much. it calls them a false advertising. loreal says it does not believe it exaggerates the products claim. a tropical storm is tracking near the texas coach. -- coast. for once, word of heavy rain is
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a good thing. a nine-month-long dropped -- drought. >> we would love to see a tropical storm. >> it is going to be pretty fast. by friday night, this could be making landfall. we are not talking about something that you can watch for the next seven days. it is going to be over with. >> the first one to have any trips to the united states. >> we have the outside air. for us, this has been the summer that knows no end. >> awful. >> four weeks from now the average height is only 85. let me take you down to the texas gulf coast. you can watch the waves.
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don is getting closer. we will show you the same camera tomorrow. it will likely bring some needed rain in two parts of the texas area that have not -- that it has been going on for a couple of years. houston has had 30% for the year of their average rainfall. o call the city, 102 degrees. this is the hottest -- oklahoma city 102 degrees. our high temperature today was up to 93. there is that humidity right back with us. look at the mid part of the country. once again, the mid part of the country, the heat index. that is what your body feels like. it is well over 100 degrees. we are under that heat advisory tomorrow.
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there are excessive heat warnings out there again. yesterday, wichita was 111 degrees. that humidity will be coming right over us. the heart of it tomorrow. is that happens, that is the reason why it will kill 105 to 110. it is still a disorganized circulation, but it does have enough moisture that as it moves into -- you can see the weapons are up to 50 miles per hour. it is moving along at about 15 miles per hour. credit night moving right into the area that has suffered from the drought. that is houston, and central texas. some of these droughts are followed by some flooding. we do not want that. for us, there will be some clouds around. they will break up during the afternoon.
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our temperatures tomorrow will soar to near 100 degrees. overnight tonight, the overnight low in town, once again close to 80 degrees. when you head out tomorrow, it will already be humid. the high-temperature getting up to 100. the record tomorrow is 99. the humidity, not quite as hot or as human. there is a slight risk of an afternoon thundershower by the time we get to sunday. next week, it is august. it will not be quite as hot as july. it will still be in the 90's. there is no dramatic break in this overall pattern. it could be a record breaker. >> we are consistent. >> our latest facebook giveaway is four vip tickets to go see
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the nationals. >> you have until tomorrow to sign that. the tickets include seed and a sweet behind home plate, food and parking. we will announce the winners on monday. here is a look at what is coming up tonight during the primetime. bosses compete with their employees on an all new "wipe out" at 8:00. coming up, a loss it takes on the save the. -- on the safety. >> i felt in a heap. >> that is how the house of jeffrey describes what happened when he chased a woman who broke into his hotel room. what happened after he fell? >> yesterday, it was donovan
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mcnabb. today, it is albert haynesworth.
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another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, aclight.
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a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. albert haynesworth will not be in washington this season. >> our fans really upset about this trade?
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what are they saying? >> the short answer is no. everybody we talked with today seem to be very happy that the redskins found a team to take albert haynesworth off our hands. albert haynesworth was the most disliked player ever. >> he is a crybaby. >> for redskins fans, there was cause for celebration. >> he has a bad attitude. >> his shortstop in d.c. played out like a ton novella. first, the huge contract. after one season, his refusal to do off-season workouts the
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fallout with his head coach, the lackluster play during the season. and then there was the off the field driving. the road rage of arrests and allegations of sexual abuse at a cocktail -- of a cocktail waitress. >> we will hear more of hand. >> he dodged any jail time and now the soap opera is over and it is hard to find anyone who is sad to see him go. >> it is about time. they should've gotten rid of him last year. >> in today's, the redskins to biggest headaches have been shipped out of town. donovan mcnabb and albert haynesworth. the winds of change are blowing hard out here at redskins park. we will have more a little bit later during sports. coming up ampwhy doctors are seeing a spike in strokes in greenwich women. >> details on the new way you
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can pay to park. >> a woman was found dead outside this apartment complex on her balcony. i will tell you the
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 with leon harris, alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side.
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a woman is found dead in a prince george's county apartment and now police say she was killed. >> someone reported the smell of gas coming from the apartment. we are live from the scene with the latest. >> at first firefighters had an emergency call earlier today. they cannot cure for what they thought was a gas leak. soon, they found something else. nobody noticed until firefighters found a woman dead behind this apartment building. police say she was on her first floor balcony. >> i did not think they would find it may be dead on the balcony. >> a neighbor called 911 because there was a strong smell of gas. it turns out that gasoline was poured all the apartment for the woman was found. >> i closed my lines. >> he says he lives there with
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his children. all lot of people at this apartment complex wonder what has been going on. police have been out here since 11:00. they're trying to figure out what happened. who might have killed this woman. they are not telling not who the woman is. they're trying to find the people. to see if they have any information. at this point, police are not saying if they have any suspects. time to update tonight's top stories. police are searching for a man who has been attacking when and at a local shopping mall. -- attacking women at a local shopping mall. investigators say that surveillance photos have not brought them any closer to an
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arrest. >> a candlelight vigil is scheduled for tonight for a teenager killed in frederick county, maryland. jacqueline shayuth was riding in a car that crashed. the driver and another passenger survived. a u.s. soldier is in police custody. naser abdo is accused of planning another attack at fort hood in texas. police found bomb making materials. 13 people died in the mass shooting at fort hood in 2009. no more digging for change if you were trying to parked in the district. you can now pay by phone at all of the parking meters. >> trying to pay to park on d.c. streets can be frustrating. you have to had 16 quarters to park for two hours.
5:33 pm
of those leaders that take credit cards sometimes they work sometimes they do not. with a credit card on file, you can register your tag and pay to park by found anywhere in the city. he is one of 40,000 people registered in the park by phone program. no need for coins or a credit card. >> i just put it in and it did not work. i think paid by phone is a great auction. >> the mayor collected so much that he brought out the company that runs the program for a ribbon cutting. all sparking -- all parking spaces in this city are covered. >> i think people are going to register in droves to do this. >> ask for how it works, with a credit card, you register by phone or online with your tag number and the system automatically recognizes your phone. >> you can register five cars
5:34 pm
and five cell phones. >> they tell you what zone you are encouraged -- was of you are in. parking enforcers can no longer just look at meters. they must check to see if your tag is ok to parked in that zone. >> that reference number means they will not have to pay the meter. >> it is all very high tech. >> there is a catch. there is a service charge and that is 32 cents every time you call in. under this system, if you pay for two hours and your date does not show up or they cancel a meeting, you can call back in and get a refund for the time you did not use.
5:35 pm
los angeles drivers are saying goodbye to red light cameras. the city council voted unanimously yesterday to get rid of the red light camera ticketing program. los angeles had no way to enforce that drivers pay the tickets. 180,000 tickets have been issued seven years ago but 40% of the tickets have never been paid. >> get rid of them. if you cannot collect any revenue, what good are they doing? >> if they were interested in safety they would've made sure that the enforced the tickets. >> the city of los angeles will save around $1 million a year without the cameras. time now for a check of the traffic situation. >> it is pretty much red lights each way on the belt way right now. the inner loop is solid before river road. the outer loop of the beltway is not much better.
5:36 pm
all the major accidents that cause the delays have been taken out of the way. 270 northbound, the accident gone. but you are still seeing delays. it is going to be a parking lot. coming up, alex trebek is injured chasing a woman who broke into his hotel room. >> thank you, thank you. >> he survived treading water for 18 hours. sure how he was finally rescued. >> at 6:00, a deal that some travelers will not be able to refuse.
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he went from game show host to a crime fighter. >> alex trebek is nursing wounds. >> game show host alex trebek
5:40 pm
explained his ordeal in a san francisco hotel in typical japanese fashion. >> at 2:30 yesterday morning chasing a burglar down the hall at my hotel. >> the 71-year-old alex trebek hosted the championship at google headquarters. it was 2:32 state when they were suddenly awakened by an intruder in their room. police say she was a 56-year-old burglar with a long rap sheet. he chased her down the hallway until his achilles' heel gave way. >> i played sports all my life. >> he immediately called security and gave them a good subscription. -- description. but the suspect was later apprehended. they recovered some of the stolen items.
5:41 pm
>> alex trebek got his wallets back. >> we got most of our stuff back except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear. it is a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago. i figured that she stashed somewhere in the hotel. the will come back to retrieve it someday. >> ball is life was never in jeopardy, he is scheduled for surgery on friday. he is expected to be in a cast for six weeks. of next, why doctors say more pregnant women are having strokes. >> consumers need to be very aware of the potential risk. >> injured while wearing shoes to help hold up. a lawsuit is and the works.
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♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] man onon tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we e all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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a fitness trend that some
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say could be dangerous. >> they are sneakers with a rounded bottom. a lawsuit is going to be filed locally claiming the issues are unsafe. >> in these times of instant gratification, so many people want a quick fix to town up their bodies. that has what fueled the rage for these issues. some say they can lead to injury. there is a wildly popular shoe that promise to give your legs and rear end a workout. could they be more than a hazard than a help? >> i could not move. >> this 57-year-old broke her ankle, injured her back last november after wearing the shoes. >> i was walking and all the sudden my feet was going under me.
5:46 pm
i was going down. i could not stop. >> she still had unpaid hospital bills and was out of work for three months. >> there is no way i could have avoided injury. >> last april he also suffered a broken ankle. >> it almost felt like somebody was hitting me from behind and not me off my feet. -- knocked me off my feet. >> brown and jackson are among the group of the least 40 people who plan to sue several shoe manufacturers. this attorney says the issues have led to a variety of serious injury. >> they are fundamentally on safe. the manufacturer probably knew this and did not disclose it. >> the rocker bottom design is
5:47 pm
not exclusive to a single brand of shoes. this podiatrist has treated the injury resulting from the use of the issues. >> for the general population, they are not terribly safe. i am very concerned about injuries. the instability that the shoes prank. i think they're dangerous. >> be contacted the manufacturers of one of the popular shoes and they told us that the rocker bottom shoes have been sold commercially since 1996 with no significant reports of injury until recently. those claims remained unproven. people should follow the guidelines if they plan to use the issues properly. researchers are seeing an increase in strokes in pregnant women. the centers for disease control reports a 54% spike in pregnancy-related strokes between 1995 and 2005. the stroke risk for pregnant
5:48 pm
women remains very low. researchers believe the increase might be due to risk factors women half when they became pregnant. obesity, congenital heart disease. children from local summer camps came together today to celebrate an agent -- an initiative spearheaded by michelle obama. more than 500 children played games while they were there. now is your chance to save some money when you go back-to- school shopping. the sales tax holiday will take place aug. death for the seventh. during the three-day event school supplies under $20 and clothing under $100 will be tax- free. everyone is eligible. for a free -- for a list of tax- free items, go to our website
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scientific research has come up with the saddest movies seen ever shown. look at this. >> ricky schroder. that is from the 1979, "the chanmp." researchers tested more than 250 movies and 500 people before making their choice. researchers say that not seen made people more sides then other movies. >> we have to do our own research. let's see what is coming now
5:50 pm
about 6:00. >> gordon peterson is in the news room with a look ahead. >> as i recall, lassie did make it home. the nation's credit card is hanging in the balance as we wait from a vote -- for a vote from the house. even a yes vote could be shot down. >> it is one of the area's biggest -- busiest highways and in the time of day, there is a plan to help drivers on interstate 66. those stories and more at 6:00. let's get the latest on the weather. >> we have some hot stuff right now. our temperatures, even with the calls today, were up into the 90's. it would nice -- you can see some of those shoppers that are still to our north. they will be -- we will be seen are temperatures only stay
5:51 pm
overnight tonight with the clouds that we have happened -- we have had probably in the high 70's. tomorrow morning 78 or 79 degrees. by the sun goes to work tomorrow, if we get to 100 that would be a new record high temperature. one of the few that we have said this summer. this july is running more than four degrees above average. next seven days, first of all folks thinking about having to the beach, there will be a lot of sunshine. the water temperature in the potomac is running 87 degrees. you can tap into our home page. we have all sorts of things there. anything over the weekend would be scattered. it is going to be a hot one tomorrow. a big move with albert
5:52 pm
haynesworth. >> it is getting a lot -- is getting rid of a lot of drama. the redskins continued to double their roster. they have on loaded albert haynesworth. he has been traded to the new england patriots. the patriots -- he will most likely play a defensive end. he is one heck of a player when he wants to be. the only guy you can change its reputation for his legacy is albert haynesworth himself. now he has another fresh start. albert haynesworth is not property of the new england patriots. >> this trade will not become official until 6:00 tomorrow night. albert haynesworth still needs
5:53 pm
to pass a physical with the patriots. the sticking point is the defense that new england uses. players stepped in it but they were not made available to the media. >> you can not get caught up in all of that. >> redskins fans may most remember albert haynesworth for the john b. did not do. he missed workouts, a failed conditioning test. >> albert haynesworth is such a force. i know the people of d.c. might feel different about it. he was given a lot of money, and i just do not know. albert haynesworth makes your defense that much better. >> he is gone and so is donovan mcnabb. the redskins will play both the
5:54 pm
vikings and the patriots in december. >> thank you very much. coming up at 6:00, a busy day at the park. the national's played this afternoon and we will tell you about that as well. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1. we help them save money with generic prescriptions. alwe talk to them about prescription safety and -- help them save money. plus we discuss possible side effects and -- help them save money! we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too.
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we have an absolutely amazing story coming out of michigan. >> a pilot survived after his plane crashed in the water. he had nothing to float on. >> the pilot's is -- the 42- year-old was rescued yesterday after treading water for a remarkable 18 hours. managing to successfully crash land his plane. >> 18 hours is a long time. >> things started to head south during his flight from new york
5:58 pm
to wisconsin for a family reunion. the engine began to stall. he says he immediately went into a survival mode. he tried to signal passing boats. after sweating 15 miles before finally flagging down this boat. >> i saw this boats going by. by the grace of god. >> it was quiet. he was shaking and he was very cold. >> he told his rescuers that he does not consider himself physically fit. sure will carried him through because there were a lot of people that depend on him. >> i wanted to wrap my arms around my wife and my mom. i just wanted to feel them one more time. >> he suffered from extreme muscle exhaustion. keeping a close eye on his kidneys the next few days will be critical. >> the muscles are very damaged.
5:59 pm
>> after surviving 18 hours without a life jacket, he says he is already looking at life differently. >> it makes you tired just hearing that story. coming up at 6:00, the clock ticks toward a date with the fault. the house is making some moves. a plot to attack the nation's largest army base is stopped. we will show you what police found. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6. the waiting game for a crucial vote on raising the debt ceiling is a bit longer. >> a house vote on the republican-backed bill has been delayed. there are a little more than five days left until the

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